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Trust the experts at Refacing and More by Reed Kilroy Construction for cabinetry services you're sure to love. We will beautify your home, without the mess or the hassle. Reed Kilroy Construction (RKC) has now expanded services into cabinet refacing, partnering with Showplace Wood Products to offer a superior wood product line at an affordable price, for those who desire a fresh new look for the kitchen or bath.
Whether it's a new look you desire or just better utilization of your existing cabinet space, call Reed Kilroy Construction (RKC) to turn your ideas into reality. If your kitchen or bath is due for a change, a full remodel will allow you total freedom to create the room of your dreams. But if you're happy with the basic configuration, Refacing & More is a great alternative to a full remodel. You'll have a new kitchen or bath much quicker (usually just a few days), and with less life disruption. Don't think you're settling in any way, Refacing & More offers more choices of door styles, wood species, finishes (paint or stains), free glaze accents, custom applied moldings, full extension soft-close glides and hinges included at no extra charge, and even the option of adding entirely new cabinets; all with lifetime-warranty quality.
RKC, has a team of certified kitchen designers on retainer who work hand in hand with your ideas and budget in mind to create a kitchen that has the perfect combination of style and function. Click here to view a case study which illustrates some of what is possible in a typical Refacing & More kitchen project.
Refacing & More wood products are built in the same plant as Showplace Cabinets. Showplace is a national employee-owned company in South Dakota whose founders have been in the cabinetmaking business over 30 years making quality products that last. First of all, their veneer is a wood product...the same that's used in the construction of their quality plywood cabinets. Competitors may use a man-made product for the veneer that exhibits a fake wood or plastic look. The wood veneer that's used in the Refacing & More makeover process has a 3M™ pressure sensitive adhesive to insure the new face becomes one with the cabinet. The glue that is used is the same that is used on fighter jet and bus decals; after 72 hours its permanently cured in place! The only way to get it off is to purposely chip away at it otherwise it's on for life! To ensure your cabinets look their best for as long as possible, RKC offers a five-year, limited warranty for all refacing jobs.
Refacing and More by Reed Kilroy Construction also offers sales and installation of roll trays or pullout drawers and slide-out shelves for those wishing to organize their clutter, and make more easily accessible cabinet storage areas, saving wear and tear on their knees, and eliminating excess muscle strain. Aging in place these days is becoming a more popular option than selling the family home, roll trays make life in the kitchen so much more easier.
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